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Looking Positive: Gamu

Under Siege: Gamu

Gamu Nhengu might be ruing the day she set foot on that X-factor stage to showcase her singing talent, after a web based Zimbabwean media outlet, recently went on an enthusiastic raid of Gamu’s rural Zimbabwe ‘home’. A couple of days ago, the outlet’s website’s frontpage had a picture of dilapidated structures which they described as Gamu’s rural home ,which they said, she left for the United Kingdom some six years ago. Further pictures were provided in the details of the story and one image showed a poorly dressed couple who the news-site claimed were Gamu’s grandparents and other pictures showed more details of the home. The content of the article was not pleasing either. It sounded less like an informative article and more like an act of retaliation. This came after Gamu had made some claims that did not go well with many of her fellow countrymen. After it emerged that the UK Border and Immigration Agency ruled against her family staying in the United Kingdom on her mother’s study visa, Gamu pulled the asylum card, making ludicrous claims of there being a firing squad sanctioned by Robert Mugabe to shoot her down as soon as she landed at the airport in home land. This was unquestionably a stupid move on her part as she did not substantiate the claims and give reason for that happening. Besides, in which country would a firing squad be laid out for a little teenage girl that has appeared on a TV music talent show in a foreign country? Many of her fellow countrymen ruthlessly criticised her for making the stupid statements she made, via different media forums. However this did not warrant for the website in question to make the tasteless move it made of invading ‘Gamu’s family’s’ private home and to publish the pictures and an article carrying the headline “Flying squad, not firing squad, awaits Gamu”. Who in Africa does not have poor relatives? We believe Gamu has gotten enough feedback from several sources and probably regrets her statements. She is young and talented young lady who is determined to succeed and give back to her family, especially her mother. She was probably ill advised and will probably revise and regroup and hopefully make an earth shaking comeback. We support you Gamu and wish you the best in the future.

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