Genevieve did not host Ammies, why?

No Show-er: Genevieve

No Show: Genevieve

Nigerian actress/model Genevieve Nnaji was conspicuously absent from the list of attendees at this year’s staging of the African Music Awards. The show, which was held in London and featured performances by Zimbabwean British dancehall artist Jusa Dementor was well attended. Genevieve’s attendance as a host was widely publicised and fans were excited to see her on the Ammies stage. However, she was quick to send a mail to her fans apologising for her no-show and at the same time citing the failure by the organisers to fully meet contractual obligations prior to the show. According to Peace FM Online, Genevieve went on to state that she felt used by the Ammies organisers to publicise their event and that she tries to be professional in everything that she does, but she sometimes comes across people who do not share the same principles.

This follows another miss by Genevieve at the African Movie Academy Awards in April 2010 in Nigeria under similar circumstances. On that occasion the organisers accused Genevieve of making ridiculous demands which, according to, they said included being picked up by a helicopter. A situation like this leaves fans of African art and music wondering whether there is ever going to be a genuinely stable industry in this domain. Are the artists to blame for making unrealistic demands or are the patrons at fault for not willing to honour hardworking artists? For there to be a thriving and successful industry, problem areas need to be identified and addressed. Compromises need to be made.

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