Gamu live at the MOBOs tonight?

The Girl With The Flower: Gamu

The Girl With The Flower: Gamu

As the home office decision on whether or not Gamu will be allowed to stay in UK is expected some time today , it is rumoured that the singer will be appearing at the MOBO awards ceremony tonight. Metro’s source says organisers are trying to get the 18-year-old on stage to sing amid speculation that she could duet with boyband JLS. They told Metro that they are ‘teaming up with a mystery guest’.

Insiders say a hotel room has been booked for Nhengu near the city’s Echo Arena where the event will be staged. The singer’s exit sparked outrage after it was claimed pressure had been applied to Cheryl Cole to eliminate Gamu after it emerged that her mother’s visa application would be rejected.

An insider said: ‘This is the first big thing for her since all the drama so she is really nervous. Organisers really want her to show up as she is so popular. Her mum does as well. She wants her daughter out there on stage because that’s what she loves doing. She’s been really worried about her since she left the show.’

The source added: ‘We won’t know until the show starts whether Gamu will agree to sing or not. She is expected to join lots of big names on the red carpet. We hope she doesn’t get scared and back out.’

Gamu’s mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, had her visa application rejected by the Home Office when it was claimed she had wrongly received state benefit.

Her family, who live in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, have applied for asylum but could be deported.

Meanwhile organisers are giving away a free Mobo app to fans from today for 15 days. It includes interviews and highlights. Tonight’s event will be screened on BBC3 live.

Source: Metro

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