Gamu’s MOBO moment and record deal rumours

Moment To Shine: Gamu at MOBOs

Moment To Shine: Gamu at MOBOs

Gamu Nhengu stepped out in style at the 2010 MOBO awards ceremony. The singer, who was the viewers’ favourite to win the final prize, was axed from the show in controversial fashion at the judges’ houses stage. A media frenzy ensued after her exit from the show and personal matters of Gamu’s life including issues of her mother’s expired visa and pictures of Gamu’s rural Zimbabwe ‘home’ became public material. Several facebook pages were created in protest of the decision to kick out Gamu from the X-Factor, which was made by Cheryl Cole. One page amassed several hundred thousand supporters. Stars such as Usher spoke out in support of Gamu and Sinitta vowed to support her and perhaps give her a record deal.

Last night’s appearance at the MOBO awards showed how strong Gamu has emerged from the entire furore. She stated that she was not bitter but in support of two of the other contestants who controversially beat her to the finals of the show. According to media reports, she insisted that she still watches the show and supports both Katie and Cher who did badly at the judges’ homes but still went through to the X-Factor finals. Contrary to earlier media reports which suggested that Gamu would perform on the MOBO stage with JLS, that did not happen, but at least she appeared. She was greeted with huge applause from the crowd. She walked the red carpet in a black velvet dress and long leopard-print heels, alongside other stars like Alesha Dixon and N-Dubz.

The support Gamu has from the general public proves that she is destined for a great career of stardom. If a big record label gets behind her, which we suspect has already happened or is in the process of happening, she will definitely be unstoppable. Appearances at events like this can only signal one or two things. One of which could be that, Gamu is being prepared for future appearances on similar events or she is simply appearing to fulfil her obligations to her fans. The other could be that she is still trying to attract attention, garner support and remain relevant, which could help her secure a record deal. The language (of moving on) that she is speaking, gives us the conviction that she has already gotten a record deal and we will be hearing from her soon. Her first single could be this year’s Christmas number 1, and not the X-factor winner’s. TNT Magazine reports that a record deal is already in place.

Issues regarding Gamu remain in place. The singer also stated that she is unaware of any developments and has not heard from the UK’s Border and Immigration Agency in a while. In our opinion, we see no need for Gamu to pursue an asylum case if she can secure a record deal and therefore a work permit. Rihanna a singer from Barbados lives and works mostly in the U.S.A. because of her unique talent and so do many others.

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