Meet, Asamoah Gyan the rapper

Ace Ghanaian stiker Asamoah Gyan is definitely not a one trick pony. The footballer is on target with his shots on the pitch as he is with his ‘barz’ on the mic. The Sunderland forward released a ‘hiplife’ single entitled ‘African Girls’ with Ghanain musician Castro Destroyer in August 2010. The artists express their adoration and desire for African girls in their song. Gyan is mostly referred to and also refers to himself as ‘Baby Jet’ throughout the song. In the song’s video, Gyan is wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a map of Africa printed in silver on the front and a suede jacket with a silver lining. He is not hesitant to show his moves from start to end. For a footballer, it is not surprising how flexible he is. He nearly outclasses his fellow dancers. Some of the moves are an extension of his celebratory jives when he scores a goal on the field. In other parts of the video, Gyan is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt with the letters B and J emblazoned on the front.
Castro’s decent but auto-tuned vocals last for about 2 minutes and then Gyan steps in with a set of unexpectedly solid ‘barz’. He praises the women of the motherland and calls out some of his favourite names. Before signing off, he drops his adopted moniker a few times in a boastful and swagger-ish style which is synonymous with the hip-hop world. On the video, he is seen making gangster style gestures. The video , although not the best quality, has received more than 300 000 views on youtube.

Gyan and his ‘partner in rhymes’ were seen performing their hit song at the recently held of Ghana United Kingdom Based Achievement awards ceremony. Fans could be heard rapping along to Gyan’s rhymes. Gyan followers in the footsteps of fellow African and former premiership footballer Ben McCarthy who combined with South African kwaito music group TKZee on South Africa’s France ’98 World Cup anthem Shibobo. This diversion is not uncommon with athletes in the U.S.A who in many occasion score big with music hits. N.B.A. stars such as Shaquille O’Neil and Allen Iverson have both done records that have performed well in the American charts. In the U.K. footballers who have recorded music have done mostly for fun or for a cause, rather than as a business project.

Gyan, who was signed by Sunderland football club on a four-year deal from Rennes for a over £13 million is doing well for his new club. The signing fee broke the club’s previous transfer fee record, which was paid to Tottenham Hotspurs for striker Darren Bent. His outstanding performance at the 2010 World Cup was slightly overshadowed by his failure to convert a penalty that could have seen progress to the semi-finals. Perhaps Gyan will go back into the studio and record a few more tracks and probably be the one to break ‘hiplife’ into the mainstream and score a major goal for Ghana and Africa.

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