Gamu and Fans Will Have The Last Laugh

Standing Tall: Gamu

Standing Tall: Gamu

At the end of last week, it was announced that Gamu Nhengu has been granted the right to appeal on her application for ‘Leave to Remain’ in the United Kingdom. This week came the news that Gamu has recorded a single for Charity and it could hit the charts anytime this week. According to the Mirror, Gamu recorded the song for the Aberlour charity, based in Stirling, Scotland, a year ago and the song was specially written by the charity.

The Mirror’s source informed them that the Charity has copyrights for the track and that “Gamu sounds wonderful on it and it really could go to No1 with all the positive publicity she’s had since leaving X Factor.”

We are openly big fans of Gamu Nhengu and believe that she could upset this year’s X-factor winner and get the UK’s official Christmas number one with her single in the same style that Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name did in 2009. The unjust way that Gamu was booted out of X-factor made many fans upset. Gamu, who was clearly favourite to win the final prize but got sent home inexplicably during the boot camp stages as poor performers Cher Lloyd and Katie Waisell went through. The decision, which was made by Cheryl Cole, might have been instigated by the fact that there were imminent complications with Gamu’s immigration status but that did not make it justifiable. The reason Cheryl gave for not picking Gamu was because she lacked the ‘star quality’ the show’s promoters were looking for. Ok, put aside Cher Lloyd’s audition, whose audition had more star quality, Katie’s or Gamu’s? Whose audition has received the most views on youtube, Gamu’s or Katie’s? I would say the answer to both questions is Gamu’s. This is not a personal attack on Katie, she is a good musician in her own right but on this year’s X-factor, Gamu deserved to go through to the finals instead of either Katie or Cher.
This is perhaps now water under the bridge, the decision cannot be undone. We however believe that Gamu went out but did not go down. We believe she is coming back with a bang. As long as her fans stay true to her and if she remains humble and keep on working hard, there will be a revival of revivals in her career. An opportunity for that to happen is to have a face to face contest with whoever wins the X-factor, for the UK’s Christmas number 1 spot. Looking at all the contestants remaining in the show now, there is no one individual that Gamu cannot beat. If she gets the right backing and releases a good single and an amazing video, she will do it. If her fans get behind her by buying her song, she will definitely win the contest. That will be justice at its best.

Although we have massive reservations in regards to her claim that ‘there will be a firing squad awaiting her at the airport if she returned to Zimbabwe.’, we still believe she deserves to stay in the U.K. to pursue her musical career. If the Border and Immigration Agency (B.I.A.) decides to send her back to Zimbabwe, Gamu will still bounce back. A record deal will always be ready for her somehow somewhere. We believe the people of the United Kingdom believe in giving people second chances and whatever reasons the B.I.A. gave for denying Gamu’s family a visa cannot be overlooked but so is her outstanding singing talent.

We are urging allher supporters to join us on Facebook with a campaign to get Gamu on 2010 Christmas Number One. If you believe in real talent please join our group and support. Click Here To Join.

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