Q & A: Taking it Easy with Mo Eazy!

Eazygoing: Mo Eazy

Eazygoing: Mo Eazy

Born in Nigeria and raised between his county of birth and the United Kingdom, Mo Eazy shows the diversity of his upbringing in his music. He is currently riding high with the single Red Carpet in which he mixes English, Yoruba and a Nigerian English twang to deliver his message. Although he strongly represents his motherland, he also shows his swagger-ific side in the video of song and in lyrics in other songs. Mo Eazy can be seen flashing Sterling rolls, showing off his flashy gear and hanging out with his crew. The single has earned Mo Eazy award nominations such as best international artist by Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) and best Nigerian U.K. artist by Nigeria Arise. It also reached number 1 on BenTv Top-Ten Music charts. Mo Eazy’s diversity is not only evident in his display and lyrical content but also on his skills. Not only is he a singer, he is also a writer, actor and producer who has worked with several artists in the industry in different areas. ‘The Mixtape Movement’ is the latest collective offering from the artists and he promises to continually thrill his fans with more and more stuff. We did a Q & A with Mo and we learnt some interesting facts about the man behind the Nigeriaaaaaa! chant.

Where in Nigeria are you from?

Mo Eazy: Well my father is from Ibadan and my mother is from Jos

Were you born there? Mo Eazy: No, i was born in Kano

Why the name Mo Eazy?

Mo Eazy: Well my name is Moses and reviews from past Dj’s and Label executives are that my style of music so quite laid back and different so that translated to eazy for me, i just spelt it with a “Z” to be different also.

When did you realise that you have the talent?

Mo Eazy: I think when i realized the passion i had for music in general

Besides rapping and singing in English, you also rap in a Nigerian language, what language is it?

Mo Eazy: Besides rapping and singing in English, i also use my native language Yoruba and broken English which is also very well spoken back home.

What makes you most proud about Nigeria and Africa in general?

Mo Eazy 2Mo Eazy: The fact that Nigeria has come a long way and in many ways improved on many aspects and Africa as a general is just amazing right now, I feel like a lot of other countries are looking up to Africa as many stars are emerging.

When did you move to England and if you don’t mind me asking, why did you move?

Mo Eazy: I started schooling in England from a very young age after many holiday trips. My parents decided to relocate to further enhance our education.

Which artists do you draw inspiration from?

Mo Eazy: I draw inspiration from any and every artist working hard toward their career and making things happen.

Do you think Fela is Nigeria’s greatest artist ever?

Mo Eazy: Yes i think so because if I’m not mistaken, he was the first Nigerian artist to be signed by Sony music, meaning he made a lot of impact outside of Africa

Besides singing and rapping, what else are you good at?

Mo Eazy: I do writing, production, mixing for other artists and also recently involved with video directing. I wouldn’t consider limiting myself within the media sector.

Which notable artists have you worked with so far?

Mo Eazy: I have worked with Ray Lavinder, Salif, Da grout of Konvict Music, Tuface, Darey art Alade, JJC aka Skillz, Grace Obika and many more.

Which artists would like to collaborate with in the future?

Mo Eazy: ASA, Nneka, Kanye west, James Blunt, MI. What do you think African artists have to offer to the world at large that hasn’t manifested so far?

Mo Eazy: I think the African artist have a lot more in culture to manifest to the world through music.

Who is or what is E dot Ladder?

Mo Eazy: E.Ladder is the label that I’m signed to which are based in North America.

The Mixtape Movement, in your opinion, how is it going?

Mo Eazy: The Mixtape Movement is doing very well at the moment in my opinion because we still have not released a single video yet and we have it playing and being talked about everywhere, even so its on the streets in Nigeria being played. The video’s will be released soon.

Do you do any shows, and where? If you, what do you like most about performing live?

Mo Eazy: Yes i do.I have performed at many venues, such as o2 indigo, Troxy and many more also venues outside of the UK. What i like most about performing live is entertaining my supporters.

What would say is the highlight of your career?

Mo Eazy: Having worked with Tuface on his Nigeria at 50 Celebration track feat King David.

In one of your songs you say “Give me that money, you can keep the fame”. What was that line all about?

Mo Eazy: That line just basically means I’m not so caught up on the glamour light but i do take the business side very serious.

Are you still walking on the “Red Carpet”?

Mo Eazy: Yes we are, we still aiming to push it more so we are definitely still walking on that carpet

What do you think African artists living in the Diaspora need to do to get their voices heard?

Mo Eazy: I think they need to work harder and most of all work smartly by using the Internet more to their advantage.

Where do you see yourself going as an artist? Billboard, Grammys, basically, the next five to ten years?

Mo Eazy: I see myself taking it further than anybody has ever taken it, that way i can open new doors and help others.

What have you got in store for your fans at present and for the future? Mo Eazy: Right now i have 3 videos shot already, that includes the video for my next single Make Your Move from my Album and many more, including The Mixtape Movement pt2. Most of all my supporters can get more info by following my www.twitter.com/mo_eazy

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