Gamu X-Mas No1 Campaign Gathers Momentum

Festive: Gamu

Festive: Gamu

News of former X-Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu’s new single with Arbelour Choir coming out has set the intenet abuzz. Several groups and pages have been set up on facebook to campaign for the single to upstage the 2010 X-Factor winner’s single and nab the highly coveted U.K. Christmas number one spot. The two main groups called ‘Gamu for Christmas Number One: Gamu and Fans will have the last laugh‘ (which is run by us) and another called ‘********STILL SUPPORTING GAMU 100%*********‘ (which is run by other supporters of Gamu) are growing by the day.  A new facebook page called ‘Aberlour Choir/Gamu for No1‘was formed over the weekend and nearly 1000 people have ‘liked’ it already. What the members of the groups the pages all have in common is that they are all heavily canvassing for Gamu and the choir and are vowing to get the Zimbabwean born Scottish singer to get to number 1 this Christmas.

On Monday, several major media outlets including The Sun newspaper, The BBC and MTV wrote about the December 13 release of “Where will you sleep tonight”. The single, which was written by Gamu’s teacher has already made a debut on youtube, and is proving to be a hit with viewers. In the song, which was done to raise money for the Aberlour charity organisation for children and family, Gamu’s unmistakable soulful voice flows smoothly with the instruments and the choir joins in periodically. A video is said to be in the works for the melodious tune and members of Aberlour Choir have posted of their excitement on the ‘Aberlour Choir/Gamu for No1’ page on facebook.

Gamu made her last public appearance at the recently held U.K. M.O.B.O. awards ceremony and she told of how she had gotten over being booted off the X-Factor and how she was moving on with her musical career. She also expressed how she was hopeful of winning her and her family’s fight against deportation from the U.K.

We spoke to Gordon White of the ‘Aberlour Choir/Gamu for No1’ campaign and he urged all other Gamu supporters to join the campaign on facebook. He said “The best thing people can do right now is to join the Facebook Page for the single and encourage all of their friends to do the same.”

He went on to highlight the disadvantages that the Gamu campaign is facing. “We don’t have any advertising budget so we have to rely on putting pressure on the radio stations by showing them the support we have online for the single. We have someone lobbying the radio stations to try and get airtime and the more active the page is, the more convincing our case will be.”Gordon also expressed his delight on the coverage that the Gamu single release story received in the media on Monday.

Judging on how unpopular the X-Factor show and the judges have become with many, it is highly likely that Gamu’s single will beat the X-Factor winner’s single to number one on Christmas.

You can listen to the Gamu & Aberlour song here

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