Q & A: Who is Metamore?

Going Hard: Metamore

Going Hard: Metamore

Metamore is a new kid on the block on the UK hip-hop scene. The 21 year old poet already has two mix-tapes in his name, ‘BigManMusic’ and ‘SOS’. Although the name Metamore may sound new to some of you, but the young artist has actually been around for a while now. He was nominated in the newcomers category of this year’s African Music Awards. A new video from a song on ‘BigManMusic’ was made available online by the artist a week or two ago. Based the pace that he is moving at, I can only advise you to expect more and more from Metamore.

We caught up with Metamore to discuss his musical journey, tracking his roots from the African streets of Llilongwe in Malawi to the rough and brisk streets of Birmingham, UK, and more.

D: Wassup My Man

Metamore: Easy Diasporaw how u doing?? yeah man im cool :

D: Metamore Ka’Chidzanja, is that your government name. Tell us more about your government name and your rap name?

Metamore: naah …Undi is my first name .. and ka’chidzanja is a mix of my mother n fathers family names … n plus is looked kinda cool on facebook ha ha ha

Metamores had many interpretations so i just leave it to people now .. to be honest tho i just needed something to be called he he he

D: Where are you from?

Metamore: im an original export of Malawi .. yeah yeaaah he he … n i lived in Australia and America b4 settling in Birmingham (UK) since the age of 9

D: How long have you been in the music business for?

Metamore: i started writing seriously in secondry school n ive been active in the scene for 3 years now .. im greatfull for the quick progress man

D: What ups and downs have you experienced so far?

Metamore: jeeze man its been deep from selling mixtapes on the street to eat, to performing with the some of the biggest u.k artists .. the lows build character & the highs build hope so its all a blessing

D: Who is your favourite rapper and why?

Metamore: ermm there is no individual person really but the first group i studied musically was dipset .. they had the content flows and beats for suure

D: Are they your primary inspiration?

Metamore: yeaah its like kung-fu learning different styles n techniques .. but ive learnt from many a master since my full on dipset days

D: Which acts have you worked with so far?

Metamore: Ive worked with the likes of TryMyAngle & 1418 from Birmingham .. im honoured to be a part of these two collectives … birminghams about to have a great time in the U.K. music scene so make sure to keep a look out

D: And which artists do you hope to work with on future projects?

Metamore: yoo i would really like to work with , Asa (Nigeria), 1dile & Kuli Chana(South Africa), Jah Cure (Jamaica), Radio & Weasel (Uganda), and a rapper called Gospel (Malawi) .. he’s a serious lyrical G

D: What do you think about African artists who have made it big in the Diaspora? I am talking acts such as Akon from Senegal, Tinashe from Zimbabwe and K’Naan from Somalia who rep their home countries?

Metamore: yooo i feel a deep gratitude to them for their determination and their ability to make being unmistakably African a mainstream niche u know … these guys have made my life as an artist a lot easier and inspired me to just be me

D: What would you not do to achieve success?

Metamore: on a real level before the money my music was all i had and after i die it’ll be all i can really leave behind … they cant take the soul out of me or my music … the people need the truth

D: In the song Travelin (Man), you chose to sing and not rap and it is about a girl and yourself. Tell us a bit more about it. Was it inspired by a personal experience or were you just being creative?

Metamore: well u know I’m always floating about doing shows n promoting what i do n yeah ermm it is a song from personal experience .. erm yeah .. erm next question please he he he!

D: When are your Reggae tunes coming out? (Pain – Bigman Music mixtape)

Metamore: at the moment ive been expirimenting a lot with sound .. reggae and zouk are big inspirations and also dubstep and grime and hiphop .. so the fusion style is on the way .. along with purist forms of all the above .. reggae producers get at me, he he.

D: What was it like growing up in Birmingham?

Metamore: Birmingham is the U.K.’s second biggest city .. like all places its got its good side, money to be made, pretty girls , good cultural grounding … and its bad side like the stories u hear in most gangster rap songs … i thank God i experience way more of the good in life … thats a big blessing

D: Do you ever consider moving (back) to Malawi?

Metamore: yeaaaah Malawi’s where the heart is for real thats my home like

D: Why?

On the Grind: Metamore

On the Grind: Metamore

Metamore: England has substandard weather and very few natural resources if it wasn’t for the illusion of money most n i mean most African people wudnt be here .. ima work for my beach house by Lake Malawi n ill be just fiine .. yaah

D: Ok, this is a cheeky one. What is your favourite African fruit?

Metamore: MANGOS ALLL DAYYY …. my grandfather has a mango tree that im gunna be close freinds with when i get back home ha ha .. i cant wait

D: How do you think your diverse upbringing helps you in the music business? Eh, I mean, does it give you an advantage or disadvantage?

Metamore: ive got an advantage as i have more markets open to me in a way … but sometimes having too much inspiration is as good as having nun in terms of getting finished work out there … so now ima just make the music in my heart n hope the people relate to it

D: Where do you think rapping and singing is going to take you in the next, say, 10 to 15 years. Are you going to verge off to do other things or you are just going stay rapping and singing forever?

Metamore: ive got a real heart for the progress of Africa .. music is good for motivation .. but i believe we need real education to get things done .. and we need to stop educating Africa for the 20th century that ship has sailed… i have a couple plans but first i’d really like to make some cool music

D: What is your message and who is your main target audience?

Metamore: i try not to think too much about that because most artists market their music before they even make it … i just try to be as honest as possible and i strongly believe that the truth is universal so ima just keep pushing .. Africa is defo at heart tho

D: Do you do any shows and where do you normally perform?

Metamore: Ive done spots of touring all over england last couple years and its been great .. the majority of my shows have been in Birmingham and recently London as ive been getting more industry exposure .. the people at www.UrbanDevelopment.co.uk have been very good to me .. i always make sure to big them up

D: If you could go back to the age of 13, what things in your life would you do differently?

Metamore: i would definitely listen to my mum more … she was right about alot of stuff … im happy im still here to do her proud … every breathing moment is a blessing .. never forget that God has a plan

D: I know you have got a new video out. What else have you got to offer for your fans for the rest of the year and 2011.

Metamore: next year ill be releasing my album 4di ha ha ha, long over due thats in the final planning stages now … yeah expect more updates in general and please feel free to download my mixtape ‘BigManMusic’ thats my main focus right now

D: Where can your fans and potential collaborators find you?

Metamore: u can find my music at www.metamoremixtape.tk real talk tho im always up for a chat so holla me on facebook: Metamore Ka’Chidzanja & if u tweet follow me on twiiter @Metamoremusic

D: Thank you so much for doing this for us bro

Metamore: its been a blessing .. big up yourselves … freedom is coming and freedom lives yeah .. Godbless 1

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