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Current Queen: Fifi

Current Queen: Fifi

Fatoumata “Fifi” Soumah is the reigning Miss Africa USA. 21 year old Fifi Soumah is a full time student at Montgomery College, majoring in Communications. She is originally from the Republic of Guinea Conakry in West Africa. Fifi has been using her title as Miss Africa USA 2010 to raise awareness and educate others about the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation as well as promoting education of the girl child in Africa. Fifi is also a part of various charitable organizations volunteering for America and serving the US community. One of her major appearances as Miss Africa USA was at the World Bank’s series on African Youth and Development where she shared her views on education and empowering the girl child in Africa.

The Miss Africa USA pageant has been running for a good 6 years now. The idea of the pageant was conceived by Cameroonian American, Lady Kate Njeuma. She had vision to unite the Community in celebrating the beauty of African women through a showcase of culture and talent and therefore empowering young African women in America as Leaders and Goodwill Ambassadors. The first contest was carried out in Georgia, USA as purely Miss Georgia pageant. The popularity of the event catalysed the growth to national level and hence the Miss Africa USA pageant was born.

Young and Smart

Young and Smart

The pageant set out to help build confidence in young women and help them believe in themselves and it has been backed by major sponsors such as MoneyGram International and Western Union. Miss Africa USA has continued to attract very savy, ambitious, intelligent and highly educated African girls from some of the most renowned educational institutions in the United States. Past Queens include Liberian Teizure Gayflor (2006-07), who went on to pursue her ambition of promoting education and peace in Liberia and high achieving South African beauty Nyasha Zimucha (2008-09).

The pageant is once again inviting applicants to register their intent to take part in the auditions for the next contest. Miss Africa USA offers the opportunity to play a major ambassadorial role on a global platform. Prizes in the competition include cash for tuition or self development of up to $US3000, sponsored trip to Africa and vacation in Luxury 5 Star resort in Las Vegas among other prizes. Past contestants have also benefited through establishing themselves in modelling and other industries such as film and TV, after taking part in the Miss Africa USA pageant.

Contestants Miss Africa USA

Beautiful Contestants

More details are available on the pageant’s website.


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