Look Out For Mekxo in 2011

Judi-master: Mekxo

Judi-master: Mekxo

Mekxo is a German based Nigerian born artist, songwriter, composer, producer and overall, an entertainer. He was born in Ibadan, Oyo state, into a Christian family and his parents are from Anambra State. He lost his beloved mother at an early age. Mekxo’s musical life started in the church, where he sung and learned to play musical instruments. He moved to Germany in the year 2001. He continued singing and playing instruments in church, until he came across some musicians who made him realise and believe more in is musical talent.
Mekxo professionally started composing and writing his own songs in the year 2009 and ever since then, he has been known and identified by the monikers “Judi Master” and “Naija Boy 4 Jand”. Mekxo strongly represents Nigeria and Africa in Germany and the whole of Europe, with his type of music. ‎He is currently out with two hit singles, “Judi” and “You Are So Beautiful”. The songs are Africanized and have catchy lyrics geared to glue to people’s ears and make them move their bodies to the thumping beat.

The “Judi Master” has worked and performed, mostly in European countries, at shows with some international acts and Nigerian artists such as J.Martins, African-China, Kc-Presh, Ben-Propeller, Soxhlet, Gsox,. He is currently working on an album, which is going to be announced soon. Mekxo says, “You’re not a failure coz you didn’t make it but you are successful because you tried”.

Pictures below are for video shoot for the track “Judi”.

diasporaw's Mekxo album on Photobucket

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