Boobs: A Must For My Wife – Tunde Ednut

Funny: Tunde Ednut

Funny: Tunde Ednut

Award winning Nigerian comedian (who’s more popular in the UK), Tunde Ednut, has announced basic requirements for his future wife.

The good looking and outrightly witty short comedian says a woman without the back props could pass but one without (adequate) frontal weight is a no-go area. He tweeted on Tuesday:
“MY WIFE MUST HAVE YANSH (Not really necessary sha) AND BOOBS (Very necessary)” — @tundeednut

In internet vocabulary all over the world, when one types in capital letters (Caps), he is considered to be screaming or trying to place emphasis on a certain point. Of course this excludes people who have made typing in caps their signature (for example ALI BABA who tweets in CAPS).

Since Tunde does not belong to the latter group of people, it is therefore in order to deduce that the comedian meant to pass across a very important message that would perhaps streamline the volume of applications from ladies vying for his attention.

There you are ladies, if you possess the requirement and are interested in the picture you see, the twitter handle to follow is @tundeednut. Source –

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