Madeleine Glatz Poses For WOA Calendar

Gorgeous: Madeleine Glatz

Gorgeous: Madeleine Glatz

She epitomises the essence of a true and natural African beauty. The model/academic Madeleine Glatz snatched the highly coveted Miss West Africa International UK in November last year, at the same time upsetting the stereotypical criteria of beauty. She has come out to prove to the world that her beauty is not only skin deep but also resides within the walls of her heart. Out of many top range publications and media outlets, the elegant Madeleine chose to make her first major photo-shoot a charity cause. She decided to pose for the charity Women-Of-Africa (WOA) and she did it in style.

The confident beauty queen posed for a few snaps in a gold and black sleeveless dress and a green and yellow sleeveless jumpsuit. In the two scenes, her undistorted African features are accompanied by the subtly colourful African type accessories and and a plain but fitting hairstyle. You really need to grab this calendar. The calendar features even better shots, which we cannot feature on this website.

The charity WOA carters for suffering Africa women and addresses issues such as trafficking of women and poverty among other issues. You can find more information on

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