Uganda President To Drop Rap Album?

Rapper: Young M7

Rapper: Young M7

When hip hop/rap was invented, some 35 to 40 years ago, no one ever thought it would ever become so mainstream that it would breed multi-millionaires and let alone be referenced to by world leaders. One such leader is 67 year-old Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, who made headlines months ago after his pseudo-rap poetic presentation on the campaign trail was remixed into a commercial hip hop track by producers. The track, which is entitled “You Want Another Rap” earned 25 year Ugandan ruler, the nickname M7. The poems he recited are children’s folk chants, emanating from his birth place in Western Uganda.

Museveni’s rap is said to have become popular in clubs and radio stations in Uganda. However, the president’s new form did not go unnoticed by satirists, who quickly made a caricature of the rapper, M7; a doctored photograph of the president, shirtless, heavily tattooed and wearing some “hip-hop swagga” chains and bracelets.

Reuters recently quoted and an undeterred Museveni saying that he “was very happy with the reaction of the youth because that means they are very thirsty for the music of their ancestors,” and “after the election you may get quite a big album of the classics.”

This is not the first time a huge political figure has used the popular music genre on the campaign trail. In 2008, Barack Obama famously dusted “Dirt Off His Shoulder”, in reference to Jay-Z’s song of the same name.

Maybe we will soon see life imitate art, with a real hip hop star running for the high office in some country. Jigga, will you step up to the plate please.

Museveni Rap


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