Gamu Loses Fight To Stay UK – Reports



Reports coming out from several sources suggest that Gamu Nhengu’s family has lost an appeal against a deportation order by the UK’s Border and Immigration Agency (BIA), and will soon be sent back to Zimbabwe.

The Sunday Mirror quotes an unnamed source as saying that “the singer will be told that she will have to return to her native Zimbabwe as soon as possible…or face being forcibly removed”, and that the news will shortly be relayed to the family.

This follows a reprieve Gamu’s family received in November 2010 and support from Simon Cowell’s lawayers. Gamu had earlier told the media about fear of falling into the hands of a “firing squad” if returned to Zimbabwe. However, according to the Mirror, officials at the BIA seem to refute the claims, stating that “There is no legitimate reason why they cannot return to Zimbabwe as the situation there is stable. Just because somebody has become a celebrity, does not mean they have a right to stay in UK”

Gamu, who is from Tillicoutry in Scotland, moved to the UK some 8 years ago together with her mother and two brothers. Her appearance on the X-Factor resulted in what was later termed Gamu-gate after an uporoar from fans erupted following Cheryl Cole’s decision to kick Gamu out of the show at the “Boot Camp” stage, in favour of poor performers Katie Waisell and Cher Lloyd. This was followed by an episode of immigration troubles, after Gamu’s mother’s visa renewal application was rejected following claims by the BIA that she had wrongfully claimed council benefits totalling £16000.

The latest new will definitely come as harsh judgement to Gamu’s fans, who are camped on several social networking platforms and supporting her current tour. Several supporters of Gamu have been backing her on facebook pages such as the famous “Gamu should have gone trhough” and “STILL SUPPORTING GAMU 100%”. Some fans have been attending her well received UK tour. She has managed to keep the largest ever fan base for a former X-Factor contestant, who did not reach the finals.

The only hope that remains for Gamu is in her strong fan base. A petition of some sort, might help turn things around. Nothing is impossible. Gamu is talented and is an asset to the United Kingdom, not a liability, people love her. She is an innocent young woman who has made Scotland her home over the last 8 years. She deserves to stay and pursue her career. She has already been through a lot of stressful experiences. The government should at least show some compassion in her case.

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