Gamu’s Family To Challenge BIA Decision

Fighting On: Gamu

Fighting On: Gamu

Gamu Nhengu’s lawyer has announced that she will challenge the decision by the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA)’s to deport the singer’s family to her native Zimbabwe. According to a report by Press Association, Gamu’s family solicitor, Frances Farrell said the family were “disappointed” by the latest ruling and would lodge an appeal and that, a statement said: “The decision will be vociferously challenged before an independent tribunal.”
“No steps can be taken to remove our clients during the appeals process.”

The BIA’s decision was leaked a on Sunday and spread like a veld fire, on many online publications before it was formally announced to the family. However, Press Association says that today, a UK Border Agency spokeswoman said: “The applications made by Ms Ngazana and her family have been reconsidered in line with our immigration rules.

Sky News reports that, the family’s solicitor remarked that, the family is “also very upset about the way the news was leaked to a newspaper at the weekend by the Home Office.
“The Home Office has shown utter contempt by breaching confidentiality.”

“We will be exercising full rights of appeal and we will see the Home Office in court.”

Gamu’s “unfair” dismissal from UK Reality TV show X-Factor triggered massive public outburst and the formation of facebook groups and campaigns such as
“Gamu should have gone trhough” and “STILL SUPPORTING GAMU 100%”.

Immigration troubles also followed for Gamu’s family, after her X-Factor exit. Her mother, Nokutula Ngazana’s visa renewal application was rejected by the BIA, but an appeal was launched soon after.

The latest decision by the BIA has prompted one Scottish politician to speak out in support of the family. According to STV.TV Nationalist MSP Keith Brown, who represents the Ochil constituency, said: “I previously supported their application to stay in Scotland and I believe the wrong decision has been made here.”

“As their local MSP I will continue to work with them and offer any support I can”

Rumours that came out in January that Gamu was signed to 50 Cent’s G-Note label, and she will starring in a Reality Show, on her way to the US are yet to be confirmed.

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