Kenya: “Swaggerific” Mp Ejected From House

Gidion Mbivu - Swaggerific MP

Gidion Mbivu – Swaggerific MP

A Kenyan legislator was ejected from the Kenyan House of Assembly after turning up in what fellow parliamentarians called “inappropriate dressing”. 35 year old Gidion Mbuvi, also known as “Sonko” (Richman), a member of parliament for Makadara constituency in Nairobi city, was yesterday, wearing precious stone studded earrings and sunglasses in parliament when a colleague raised the attention of the deputy speaker over his dressing.
This prompted uproar and a debate from members of parliament from different parties. Some members claimed that the young MP’s dressing compromised the dignity of the house. Assistant Minister George Khaniri, from western Kenya, raised the question of the MP being inappropriately dressed and being in attire that “besmirched the dignity of the august House.” The Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim said the house had never before been entered by a male lawmaker wearing earrings. Some MPs called it dressing of women and suggested that Mbuvi might have to go ahead and wear a skirt.

However, Mr Mbuvi, whose nickname ‘Sonko’ means a wealthy young man, said he was a youth and that his dressing represented the youth of the country. Further uproar from other MPs caused the speaker to eject Mbuvi. Mbuvi’s supporters, in parliament, were adamant that his dressing was in line with his lifestyle and character.

In an interview with AFP, Mr Maliam said “The dress or the manner in which the honourable MP is dressed today does not depict, in the eyes and the opinion and the conscience of the chair, the dignity of this house and that of an honourable member”

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