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DJ Don X's innovative spin

DJ Don X’s innovative spin

Some people may be surprised if I said that some of the world’s best rappers are from Africa, but yes, they are. Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and more African countries have rappers that can give Eminem, Jay Z, Whiz Khalifa, TI, Tynchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Lil Wayne and all the top western rappers you can think of, a good run for their money. If you don’t believe that, then you need to follow DJ Don X’s “This is The Freestlye”, running for the 6th consecutive week now, it began when Don X recorded Nigeria/US rapper Nollege on Dr Dre’s “Kush” beat and was this was followed by what DJ Don X called, “This is the Freestlye, Episode 2”, which involved more rappers, such as Sierra Leone/US rapper Shadow and Nigeria/US, #Seven. This week’s version is on a Jamaican Gullyside beat, produced by DJ Frass and features Malawian born, Birmingham (UK) rapper Metamore, Nigeria/UK’s Slashwisdon and Nollege. Hopefully, this is compansation for last week’s missing “TGIF” quick mix.

Major Highlights. Shadow is definitely one of the MCs to look out for this year, with his hard core, no nonsense style. Metamore is the European representative on the project and just as we predicted in our “12 artists to look out for list”, he is going to be unleashing a lot of world class tunes this year, watch this space. Nollege’s lyrical prowess cannot be underestimated.

Check out the artists Don X prefers to call, the “Diasporan Rappers”.


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