Check Out: Siphu Zee’s “You Know You Got A Wifey”

Siphu Zee Knows You Got A Wife

Siphu Zee Knows You Got A Wife

It’s a Friday and some may be going out tonight. Some in that crowd will be on a mission. If you are female and you are not intending to tolerate any attention from the married guys, here is your song.

Siphu Zee’s “You Know You Got A Wifey” is jazzy/RnB/Afro tune with a message. To all the players out there, taking their rings off for the night out, Siphu is politely warning you.

Based in Southfield, Michigan, USA, Siphu blends RnB and Jazz with her southern African heritage in her music , which explains the clicks in the “You Know You Got A Wifey” rap. When she mixes, her native language with English in the lyrics, she does so well that you may find it hard to figure out that she is singing in a different language.

Besides singing, Siphu is also an academic and a family woman. There is something about Siphu that reminds me of Jill Scott. Is it the voice, or the graceful and beautiful African full figure woman portrayed in HBO’s “The No 1 Ladies detective” TV series.

Siphu Zee – You Know You Got a Wifey

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