Meet Miss Babela, Stylist and Singer Extraordinaire

Representing: Miss Babela

Representing: Miss Babela

She is from Kinshasa, DRC, she lives in France and she is talented. She represents a fresh crop of contemporary artists from the central African side of the world. Miss Babela is a rapper, singer and stylist whose work is of outstanding quality.

She has come from collaborating on fashion, with big names such as the Miss Afrique Europe pageant and UNESCO to appearing in TV programmes on channels such as France 24 and doing hit records with the likes of rapper Black V.

Babela’s music has a strong hip-hop influence but still carries an African identity. In songs such as “Belela” featuring Kaysha, you can easily feel the sound of Congolese Soukous and the dances in the video are unmistakably African. Also, Babela can be heard singing, rather than rapping.

In “La Miss Est La” featuring Alibi Montana, Babela raps in a US, West Coast style. The US influence is also translated in the song’s video, where a graffiti portrait of President Obama, features prominently. The song “Represente” featuring a man who I would like to call the French DMX, Black V, is a pure hip-hop track and it shows the raw/street side of Miss Babela as she emcee’s alongside Black V from start to end. Miss Babela aslo likes to dance and you can see that in all her videos. She is indeed multi talented.

Miss Babela is definitely one of the many young artists, who are shedding a positive light on the once war torn DRC and the lovely African continent at large (which some wrongfully like to call the dark continent).

You can follow Miss Babela on the links given below the video.


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