Madeleine Glatz’s Has New Look with New Outlook

West African Queen: Madeleine Glatz

West African Queen: Madeleine Glatz

Madeleine Glatz might have closed the chapter on Miss West Africa International, UK, but she is not looking back with her modelling career and her philanthropy work. She was recently photographed by renowned photographer, Simon Klyne, at the Fashion Mist, fashion event in London and she was looking good.

She appeared in three different dresses and at each time, she proved to the audience why she is the epitome of authentic and natural black beauty. Madeleine normally wears short hair but at the event, she was wearing neat cornrows, by Kinta Marna. She told us that, she plans to grow her hair.

Madeleine, 24 is proud of her strong African looks and natural features. She intends to push her image in her career and defy the stereotype in the process.

In regards to Madeleine’s philanthropic work, she plans to produce a documentary on adoption, among other charitable activities. She is an adopted child herself, and she credits her parents for a good upbringing and for her being the successful person that she is today. I can already picture Madeleine on a big screen somewhere, plus I already liken her sexy French accent to that of Rush Hour 3 star actress, Noemie Lenoir.

Check out more pictures of Madeleine at Fashion Mist below.

Modelling Star: Madeleine Glatz

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