Janelia’s Love Song For BET International

Janelia has a love song in Yoruba

Janelia has a love song in Yoruba

US based Nigerian singer Janelia, has had a video for her song chosen to air on BET International. The song “Love Song In Yoruba” is indeed a love song, but one with an African theme. It was a hit over the Valentine period and it is growing globally.

Besides BET, Love Song in Yoruba has also been selected to air on several other stations, such as LTV, MITV and Sound City.

Janelia was born in the USA to an american father and a Nigerian mother. She moved to Nigeria at an early age, and back to the USA later on in her life. She has been performing at different venues, mostly in the Maryland DC area, but is planning on extending her coverage a bit further.

With the BET International deal, Janelia’s song is set to be shown in 35 different countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Janelia recently sat down with Gbedunation and shared the following.

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