JJC’s ft Zim All Stars – We Are Africans Remix, is Here

Today is the day that Zimbabwe got it’s independence from the UK, some 3 decades ago. It is also the day that was chosen by Nigerian/UK artist JJC, to drop the video for the Zimbabwean remix version of his hit song “We Are Africans”. There is no doubt that this remix will revamp the 2010 street anthem.

The remix features some of Zimbabwe’s finest, that is artists, Kazz, Jusa Dementor, Cynthia Mare, Decibel, Roby G, Jonah, BKay and TK Paradza. The artists reside in 3 different countries, outside of Africa. This is the first time young Africans from 2 different regions in Africa, living in the Diaspora, have come together to work on a project uplifting their continent.

According to ABRA Records boss and artist, Jusa Dementor, who is also featured on the remix, a lot of similar projects are in the works. He told us that,”We Are Africans is a new trend we are trying to set as Zimbabweans. We did it first on the Born Champions remix for General Pype’s award winning song “Born Champion”. This is another Nigerian collaboration with Zimbabweans on the remix”. He went on to say that, “We are trying to expand our horizons and collaborate with other Africans, in the same way Strive Masiyiwa did with Econet, and spread its wings in and around the world.”

Jusa, alongside his team, is also trying to push young Zimbabwean artists to the mainstream. On this, Jusa said “We are also trying to get our Zimbabwean urban acts known, through collaborations with other African greats”

Brothers BKay and Kazz were equally excited about being on the “We Are Africans Zim all Stars Remix”, and told us that there is much more to expect and that, their album African Spirit, which is dropping in June, will have a similar feel, with banging African themed hits.

JJC’s album is due to drop this month and for someone who is riding as high as he is, there is no excuse for anyone not to buy the album. Check out the single “Say Yes”, to catch a feel of what JJC is on about.

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