Gamu’s Success Options

Fighter: Gamu

Fighter: Gamu

Last week (11 May), the BBC announced that former X-Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu had been granted the right to stay in the UK by the immigration courts. Although a follow up report by the BBC said that the Home Office will challenge the decision allowing Gamu’s family to stay in the UK, at the moment, it appears highly unlikely or rather, an unfavourable stance, as there are not any serious grounds to uphold such a case.

If the Home Office does not challenge the court’s decision, there will be absolutely nothing in the way of the career of talented Gamu Nhengu. In 2010, she was the highlight of the year’s X-Factor contest. There was an outcry from multitudes of fans when Gamu was unfairly kicked out of the contest at the boot camp stage. We have a justifiably strong feeling that Gamu’s career will take off astronomically she gets the all clear from the Home Office.

What gives us the most exciting feeling is the fact that Gamu has several success path options.

1) Gamu has been invited by the X-Factor judges and urged by many fans to return to the show and prove why she was worthy to win the final prize last year. The show has already started advertising and it’s new and aggressive campaign allows contestants to enter the contest via youtube. We don’t believe Gamu needs to even go via those channels, rather, we believe she just needs to turn up at the finals as she has already proven herself in last year’s contest. If the producers will not let that happen, Gamu should just ignore them, because she is too good to stoop too low for the X-Factor.

2) If the news that spread some few months ago, that Gamu was signed to 50 Cent’s G-Note records is true, then Gamu might have to firmly hold on to the deal as this could provide her access to the highly coveted and lucrative US market. At the same time, it would also be best for Gamu not to shun her UK base. That is, the fans who stood with her throughout all the X-Factor and immigration troubles. Many would love to see the rumoured reality show, featuring Gamu’s transition from immigration troubles to stardom.

3) If the above choices are not an option for Gamu, nothing can stop her from shopping around for the best record deal of the 21st century, because she has the potential that any globally recognised record label needs in it’s camp for it to stay relevant. Gamu is like a tomorrow’s Rihanna, or even better. We believe, if given the right amount of support, she can sing in any style, on any kind of beat and sell records.

Gamu, we wish you all the best and hope that in whatever you will do, you will not forget your African roots, the humble UK fans who fought your battle alongside yourself and your family and that you will respect the haters, regardless of hateful taunt, racist and self destructive beahaviour.

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