Will Gamu Go On X-Factor Again This Year?

Victory: Gamu

Second Chance: Gamu

The UK singing talent show X-Factor is coming back to viewers’ TV Screens tonight, Saturday 20. The reality show, which many believe has become a farce is also responsible for exposing Zimbabwean born singer Gamu Nhengu in 2010. Gamu was later booted of the show in a controversial way, at the boot camp stage.

A lot of fans called for Gamu to be re-called on the X-Factor, after she was sent home and some even asked her to be a part of the final, by default.

Gamu’s popularity continued to grow, in the midst of immigration troubles. To date, she has toured all across the UK and gave colourful performances at several capacity crowd venues. Gamu has also recorded new singles and is promoting them all across the country. A rumoured record deal with 50 Cent’s record label is yet to be confirmed by the rapper or Gamu herself.

Fans would probably go wild with excitement if Gamu was to return to the X-Factor this year. It might also serve as a justification and the provision of well deserved chance to the talented young woman to shine. On the producers’ side, this could also help massively boost the show’s ratings.

As the curtains to the X-Factor’s stage await to be raised tonight, viewers await to see whether the show will have any good twists, turns and suprises, or if it will be usual farce.

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