Inagural Miss Zimbabwe Germany Set For This Coming Weekend

Zim-German Queen

Zim-German Queen

The Zimbabwe bird has all but landed in Germany, so says the organisers of the inaugural Miss-Zimbabwe-Deutschland beauty contest, in reference to their pageant, which they say “promises to be scintillating and, will parade Zimbabwean national pride at the heart of Europe.”

Patrons and participants are said to be elated, in anticipation of the ground-breaking event, which is slated for September 3 (2011), in the former German capital city of Bonn. Hosting the event, is a number of top entertainers in the Zimbabwean community, such as the iconic radio duo of Eric Knight and Ezra Sibanda, upcoming songbird Cynthia Mare, youthful music producer and artist Jusa Dementor. Zimbabwean, but Germany-based acrobats, Great Zimbabwe Boys will give acrobatic displays to top up the entertainment for the night.

Knight and Sibanda made radio shockwaves in Zimbabwe during the 90’s, and have since paired up to set up Visions FM, an internet-based radio station. The duo will be the masters of ceremony. Mare is known for her beautiful rendition of music super-star Oliver Mtukudzi’s motion picture soundtrack “Neria” and her hit single “Catch me when I fall”.

The representative and founder of the event, Tiyezye Banda made clear what the purpose of The Miss-Zimbabwe-Deutschland pageant is. She said “The pageant is not a going concern, as has become the norm for many beauty pageants, but it is entirely run by a charity organization for charity work and purposes.” She also said, “It is a fund-raising instrument for broader humanitarian efforts by Smile4Africa, a Non-Profit Organization in Virginia that seeks to support the less fortunate in various parts of the African continent.”

Tiyezye Banda went further to say that “The September showcase is an opportunity for Zimbabweans in Europe to come out of hibernation, and network among themselves while celebrating the nation’s cultural inheritance and integrity through this platform, which stands for paying tribute to our women, their beauty, intelligence and Africaness.”

Ms Banda paid tribute to Mutsa Muradzikwa, Faith Chokomari (A popular internet radio DJ) and Mr Kurt Kaiser, who she credited for giving her unwavering support on her idea. She expressed her hopes of marketing Zimbabwe in Europe and putting the country on the world map, through the Miss-Zimbabwe-Deutschland project, together with her desire to expand the beauty pageant throughout the Schengen community.

There are many prizes up for grabs at the opening edition of the pageant, including an opportunity for the winners to participate in the Miss Earth beauty pageant.

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. Along with Miss Universe and Miss World, Miss Earth is one of the three largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals. Miss Earth is also one of the most publicised beauty contests in the world.

Through Miss Zimbabwe-International, Miss Zimbabwe-Deutschland and other pageants such as Miss Zimbabwe Canada and Miss Zimbabwe USA have acquired the license for Miss Earth for Zimbabwe.

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