Check Out Noni Zondi’s New Video, Come Get It

Curvaceous: Noni Zondi

Curvaceous: Noni Zondi

This lady will certainly be causing a stir on the entertainment scene. Her name is Noni Zondi, she lives in england but hails all the way from South Africa. Noni is extra curvaceous and spits bars, sound familiar? Yes, Nicki Minaj finally has some real competition.

Noni’s first visual for her record label, Big Boyz Entertainment is for the song called “Come Get It”. Noni brags about her ‘hotness’ and her jaw dropping physique. In one verse she says, “all my life, I have been called hot, African cutie, African beauty, they all want a piece of this booty”.

In the song’s video, Zondi can be seen raunchily dressed and walking around admiring blokes in a disused warehouse/gym. Her lyrics get even deeper as the song goes on, she raps about what kind of men she is looking for among other controversial topics. Indeed, she is something a lot of people will be talking about for now and the future.

Noni credits herself as a rapper, singer, dancer and model. She cites Salt n Pepper, Adina Howard, Notorious B.I.G. and renowned South African Artist, Ihasi Elimhlophe as her main influences. About her ‘voluptuous’ figure, Noni is quoted on one of her profiles as saying that she is proud her figure and that “I used to get severely teased about my figure whilst I was at school. I refused to let this get me down and affect my confidence. I feel that as a woman it‟s very important to be comfortable and confident in the bodies that we‟re in”

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