Sarkodie Not Signed To Konvict Yet

Not Konvicted Yet: Sarkodie

Not Konvicted Yet: Sarkodie

Superstar rap artist, Sarkodie has said that he is not signed to Akon’s world class record label, Konvinct. While on Tim Westwood’s popular BBC radio show, Sarkodie said, “I am not signed. Akon endorsed Sarkodie”. He elaborated by saying “You need to watch Sarkodie, from Ghana, that’s what Akon is saying. Everything is the pipelie though. Looking good”.

The remarks contrast popular belief that Akon is signed to Konvict. Over a year ago, one of Akon’s associates got together with Sarkodie at a radio station in Ghana and announced the recruitment of Sarkodie to Konvict. In a short video clip that followed, Akon said he was “here to co-sign” Sarkodie. However, a Konvict-laced album has not been released ever since.

Talented Sarkodie has been on Ghana’s airwaves for a while now, with his fast passed and yet melodic raps. We surely look forward to the results of a full Konvict deal.

On the other hand, Akon has not made secret, his plans of conquering the world with his musical empire. After spending most of 2012 touring India, he has also made it clear that he plans to invade Africa in the near future.

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