Makosi – Is Life Imitating Art Costing Her?

Gangstress?? Makosi

Gangstress?? Makosi

Many people may know Makosi Musambasi as the heavy-chested Zimbabwean born woman from the UK’s Big Brother 6 TV Show, who allegedly romped with Anthony Hutton in a jacuzzi and came out third at the end of the 2005 reality TV series. But, wait a minute, who is this Makosi Musambasi, that was deported at Heathrow airport, back to Lagos, Nigeria while travelling on a relative’s passport and with £12000 in cash.

The UK’s Sun newspaper first broke the story on 9 February 2012, and several media houses followed suit with revealing updates. The story was both shocking but probably not completely surprising to some, as several months ago The Sun reported that Makosi had been caught driving with a “dodgy” license and thousands of dollars in cash.

Makosi’s Big Brother exit was followed by a deportation bid by the Home Office, after her appearance and behaviour on the show had led to expulsion from her nursing job and subsequent annulment of her work permit. Makosi went on to claim asylum, citing that her appearance on Big Brother would lead into persecution in her home country, if she was to return. She was later on granted refugee status, which allowed her to stay in the UK indefinitely and travel to any other country except her home country. This arrangement leaves many wondering why the BB star had to travel on a “dodgy” passport when she was travelling from a country that is not Zimbabwe.

After Big Brother, Makosi also got mixed up in several money related controversies, including claims of intended bailiff action. She also featured in a Britflick, entitled “Cash And Curry” as a gun-wielding bad-girl, whose focus was on her money and serving her drug-dealing brother. triggers the question; Is art imitating life in Makosi’s recent controversies?

According to several sources, police at Heathrow confiscated the cash and pledged to investigate it’s source. Makosi is said to have lightly dismissed the whole issue. She went on to send a slew of tweets stating that the issue is now in the past before making several biblical quotes. One wonders, what the future holds for her? Will she stay in Nigeria or will she travel back to the UK on her actual passport and drop her “bad-girl antics”? OR Is she really a bad-girl or is she just misunderstood?

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