Fatoumata Diawara Speaks on Mali Conflict

Fatoumata Diawara C4Popular Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara has weighed in on the conflict that has rocked Mali and involved several superpowers, including France and the UK.

Speaking to UK’s Channel 4 News from the station’s Paris studios, Fatoumata highlighted her people’s love for peace and desire to reconcile hostile parties. The France based musician lamented the devastation brought about by the conflict but also expressed her glee on how the international community has played a hand at trying to resolve the issue.

The singer expressed disgust of the violation of sacred scrolls from libraries, but expressed hope of rewriting the Malian story.

It is not very usual for African entertainers to speak up about political issues. Fatoumata is one of the few brave individuals who has stepped up to express her views. Without being offensive, she has expressed the need for unity and forgiveness. The bottom line of Fatoumata’s point was that, Malian people don’t like war. Pardon was a major word in her interview.

Fatoumata is known for an illustrious singing career and notably, her appearance on US singer, Bobby Womack’s “The Bravest Man in the Universe” in 2012. The folk Wassoulu singer was also featured on British record label Honest Jon’s album called “Rocket Juice and the Moon”. Her song “Lolo” featuring upcoming Ghana rapper Manifest was on the 2012 released album and was probably the driving factor of a UK MOBO award nomination for the artist.

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