Video Alert: Mo Eazy – Smile

Mo Eazy

Soulful: Mo Eazy

Young Rapper/Singer Mo Eazy is back with a new song and video. The Nigerian-UK artist shows a different side of himself as he sings a seemingly love song called Smile. He talks about the girl he likes and expresses his desire to be the man who makes her show off her teeth in joy. The song is sung on a catchy soul instrumental that blends well with the artist’s “eazy” vocals.

The video does the song a lot of justice. A very simple concept that shuns unnecessary cameos and action. The featured girl’s good looks help drive Mo Eazy’s message home. Every guy would like to make such a hot lass smile.

Mo Eazy is known for songs such as Red Carpert and Make Your Move from his “The Mixtape Movement” compilation, which was released in 2010. The artist has a witty way of mixing singing and rapping, in English and with a Yoruba twist.  This has earned him recognition and nomination in a number of awards, such as the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA).

See “Smile” video below

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