VIDEO ALERT: The Parlotones – Shake It Up

South African rock band, The Parlotones are at it again. Known for their eccentric videos and unusually publicity stunts, The Parlotones never cease to outdo their last move. This time they have come with a really unusual concept for their video, for the song Shake it Up. The group paraded one of their midtown local streets in the back of a tractor tailor while they played their tune live with instruments. Although the final clip is clearly edited for TV and continuity, the whole idea is just crazy.

Helicopters were in the air as amused fans tailgated their favourite band’s party, in cars, on bicycle and on foot. The party seemed to have been held either at night or in the early morning hours.

Shake It Up is a single of the multi-platinum selling group’d upcoming EP, Remember When…. According to MTV, the release is going to be accompanied by a tour in May, alongside America rock band Dinner And A Suit. The Parlotones are being touted to be on a brink of an American Invasion, after 7 big albums that did well internationally, several awards and high profile appearances.

The song is as amazing as the video, so it’s not just gimmicks. Enjoy!

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