Ghanaians Fume At Chris Brown Azonto Error

Azonto: Well Not Really

Azonto: Well Not Really

Chris Brown, the US RnB Singer, who is commonly known not just for being an excellent crooner but also for smashing former or current on/off lover Rihanna’s face, now has a new hat to wear, the Ghanaian People Up-setter.

During an appearance on BET’s world famous 106 & Park TV show, Chris Brown suggested that he has featured scenes of the now world famous Ghanaian created dance, the Azonto in one of his music videos. During the same appearance, Chris went on  to explain ‘his understanding’ of the origins of the Azonto dance. Chris said that he learnt the dance from popular Nigerian singer Wizkid, who he performed with at a concert in December, while in Nigeria. The video can be seen below. It shows Chris Brown calling up Nigerian star Wizkid to do  a couple of his hit songs and some dance moves. The video of the performance hardly ever featured any authentic Azonto moves.

The Azonto dance was heavily popularised by several videos featuring dance performances by Ghanaian artists including UK based Fuse ODG who has a big hit song named after the  dance, and a follow up banger “Antenna” which is largely based on the Azonto script.

The blogoshpere was alight yesterday with a number of Western African bloggers taking serious note and expressing shock at Chris Brown’s ignorance. Chris Brown was quoted as asserting that the Azonto is a “Nigerian thing”.

Chris Brown was promoting his latest single “Fine China” from his 2013 studio album “X” on 106 & Park.

Someone needs to inform and educate a lot of these Western entertainers. It’s appalling to think of how much the borrow from  the African  culture but have no clue about where exactly they are borrowing from and what it means.

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