AUDIO ALERT: Stella Mwangi Ft Collo and Mimmo – Floss Na Wewe

Flossing Queen: Stella Mwangi

Flossing Queen: Stella Mwangi

UK-Bound Kenyan-Norwegian singer Stella Mwangi has recorded a song with some of her fellow Kenyan musicians. Floss na Wewe is the latest release from the soulful diva. The song showcases the singer-cum rapper’s vocal prowess. Her counterparts are not undermined by her star status as they both lay very decent rap lyrics on the slow and chilled out beat.

We recently reported that Stella Mwangi is plotting a move to the UK. This followed reports by a Norwegian website, which were triggered by tweets from the former Eurovision contestant.

Stella recently tweeted “After Finland i’ll travel to Kenya before i move to LONDON #BigTingsAgwan“. This development was followed by the success of Stella’s song, Shut It Down, on UK charts. Click here to check out the UK Move story.

To listen to Floss Na Wewe, check the youtube link below.

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