MIXTAPE ALERT: Shadow Boxer – Love, Pain & Drugs

Love, Pain & Drugs

Love, Pain & Drugs

Sierra Leonean rapper Shadow Boxxer recently released a compilation of his recent efforts. The mixtape Love, Pain & Drugs sounds exactly as the name implies. The rapper talks about love of people and things in the world around him, his pain and troubles, and off course the mixtape is dope. The American influences are very apparent in the New York based artist’s mixtape, although he speaks for Africa as well.

Shadow uses his voice to carve rhymes around different beats and showcases his versatility in Love, Pain and Drugs. He comes out with a chilled out but compelling flow on his “Intro”. He then moves on to “Drugs N Money” and “Blowing My High”, songs which almost tell a similar story, which is about the typical rapper’s life, smoking, drinking and partying.

The rapper switches a gear in the Mytikal-esque “Chain Music Verse” track as he samples MMG boss Rick Ross’s voice a couple of times towards the end of the track. Soon after that, African influences are clearly heard in the hooks of “We Dae Yah” and “Runaway” as the rapper goes smooth again on his verses.

Midway through the mixtape, Shadow declares his love for his county Sierra Leone and hometown Freetown in the song Freetown Love, featuring Eddie, on the hook. This is followed by a dedication to the motherland. A song called “For Africa”, which features Tumile. In the song, he raps about the good things that he misses about home and the bad things that he resents, before giving a shout out to a number of African countries. He goes on to call for Africa to “have one flag as we have one sun”. The song is potentially an anthem that everyone can vibe to at all times.

In the song “Pain”, Boxxer raps in a harsh style which can come out as a cross between DMX and Eminem, as he relays his anger, deep thoughts and prayers over a melancholic beat. Without being too RnB like, the rapper goes on to show his softer side in tracks such as the remorseful “Change” and the saxophone laced “AnotHER Song”.

All through the mixtape, Shadow regularly and flawlessly switches between English and his native Sierra Leonean language.

You can download the mixtape via the link below.

Shadow Boxxer – Love, Pain & Drugs Mixtape Download

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