No More Music,Says Sim HT and Jesse McDaniel

Rainbow: Sim and Jesse

Rainbow: Sim and Jesse

They tout their diversity as the most outstanding thing about what their music represents. With rhetorical questions such as; “When was the last time Japan, Germany, Ethiopia and America came together to collaborate on a musical project? What do these countries have in common? And even If they were to join influences, what would it sound like?” being a part of Slim HT and Jesse McDaniel’s online statement about their upcoming EP, No More Music, one will struggle to imagine what these two have in store for music fans.

According to the Seattle based artists’ Facebook page, “Jesse McDaniel is half Japanese and half American. S I M is ethnically Ethiopian but born and raised in Germany.”

The combination between cultures, backgrounds and nationalities kind of echos what rapper Nas (from New York, representing Africa) and reggae/dancehall artists Damian Marley (from Jamaica, representing Africa), did with their critically acclaimed Distant Relatives album.

Slim (SLM) and Jesse (JLM)’s facebook page also says that the artists “have created a unique blend of sound which reflects their diversity and captures different elements of their cultures.”, as statement which closesly relates to the above paragraph.

A trailer has been released for the o MoreMusic EP and we await the full promo video which will be released on 12 May 2013. Starting with the sentence “Most of us underestimate the power of music….”, the trailer sort of indicates that, this is going to be some game changing EP.

The EP will be released in digital format on June the 2nd, 2013.

Watch the trailer below.

Sim HT – Put Up

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