CEO Dancers Thrill BGT Crowd But Fail To Progress

Dance group CEO dancers appeared once again on Britain’s got talent. The girls who are all of African descent but from different countries came on stage to show their unique act, after being selected for the semi-final line by the judges.

The girls were raised onto the stage by three elevators, one after the other, over the intro of Beyonce’s Who Runs the World. Soon after the song started to play as the girls entered the stage with the assistance of scantily clad muscular young men. The girls went on to do some electric a*s action to Beyonce’s song which a few seconds later on became K9’s Kokoma. The girls continued to move in various ways as the crowd applauded. They were dressed in tribal matching outfits, showing most of their bodies, although with a good level of decency. The men however, showed quite a lot, apart from the private area. They played barrel type drums on both sides of the stage.

After the performance, the girls got a standing ovation from the crowd and all 4 judges. The comments that followed, were very positive.
David Wallaims said, “I think you showed that girls really do run the world” He continued by saying, “That was fantastic girls” and that “the staging was fantastic, it was like going to see a concert. It was much more than just watching a few dancers.”

Alesha Dixon called the girls’ performance, “the best show opener of the whole week by far” She also said that, “I love that you bring that African flavour, the tribal vibe. You girls are serious business.” Alesha confessed that she was “jealous that she was not a part of the group. I wanna be CEO dancers man.”

Amanda Holden said that “it was the best a*s action since J-Lo this week.”

A usually critical Simon Cowell called the performance “the best dance act we have had on this show so far.” He commended the girls for doing their own choreography. He also said “I actually could wake up to that every morning”

Sadly, during the result show a bit later on, it was revealed that the girls could not proceed to the finals.

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