Girl Strips For Iyanya at UK Kukere Concert

Nigerian musical heartthrob Iyanya got many female fans drooling when he passed through the UK for his album launch campaign, but he definitely got one fan going the extra mile. While in Manchester, a female fan was called up onstage to give a bootilicious dance over one of Iyanya’s classical songs in front of multitudes of fans. She did what she had to do but ‘her dress was too short’ so that when she bent down, everything at the bottom side was revealed, or did she intentionally make that happen? It wasn’t clear whether or not she had knickers on from the angle that captured the video.

Girl Stips For Iyanya at UK Kukere Concert
Before the ‘disaster’, Iyanya had called the chic onstage to dance/whine, along with two other girls at his Manc Kukere concert. It was clear that Iyanya was aware that this girl was not going to show her moneymaker to the entire crowd because earlier on he had declared that any girl that wanted to showcase themself alongside him onstage had to declare that they were over the statutory age limit to be partying. However Iyanya gave the stripping girl props for her bravado, but she was partially booed by the female dominated crowd (Feminists, hello!). She gave the crowd the middle finger as she walked offstage though.

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