Iyanya Blazes Through The UK

Iconic: Iyanya

Iconic: Iyanya

There might have been some notable incidents at Iyanya’s recent UK shows, but there sure was some electricity. The singer who is popular for his Kukere song, left a mark in the heart of the UK with 2 great performances. In London they say he thrilled, in Manchester we saw him blazing. The main reason for the shows were to launch Iyanya’s album.

After patrons had been wowed by a comdeic Edi Kadi and a few supporting acts, Iyanya stepped out with high energy at around a few minutes before 10pm on Friday. It was chaos from that minute on. He was dressed in grey baggy pants, a white stylised top and a black jacket. He continued to sing the song Badman (featuring MI) over the screams and shouts of excitement that followed his entrance. Alongside an equally powerful hype-man, Iyanya showed the crowd exactly why he is regarded as the man of the moment.

It wasn’t too long through his performance before there appeared some seductive dancers on-stage, I mean, these girls can move. Without being too cliché with their moves, the girls showed off the urban African way of dancing. They moved their waist-lines in style as Iyanya jammed, belting out hits from “Flavour” to “Kukere” . At one point he gave one of the girls a dance and even lifted her.

Also, at a later stage, Iyanya shouted out to the crowd, asking what they wanted from him and some girls could be heard saying, “Take off your shirt!”. Halfway through the performance, he briefly disappeared as he let a female artist perform. In not more than 10 minutes, he came back in a different colour shirt, refreshed and perhaps even more hyped. He sung a couple of his own songs before going the classical RnB way, singing songs such as American Case’s “Missing You” and British Craig David’s “7 Days”.

Iyanya Shirtless

Ripped: Iyanya

Typical of the sexy entertainer that he is, Iyana called up female fans onstage during his performance and got them to show off their dance moves as the DJ played his songs. One particular performance did not go particularly well, as featured on diasporaw.net (click here to read more). Iyanya appeared shocked, just as the crowd did, but the show continued without delay. Iyanya however was not impressed with the level of booty shaking that he saw at that point, until he called another girl who helped him close the show. She was so skillful that Iyanya was impressed and used her exuberance to finalise his appearance. She was also lucky enough to be gifted with Iyanya’s t-shirt which he had taken off moments earlier. He sung a few more lines, thanked Manchester and then left the stage.



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