STL’s Dad Killer Jailed For 4 Months!

Happier Days: Stella MWangi with Father

Happier Days: Stella MWangi with Father

The man who killed Stella mwangi’s dad in a hit and run accident in Norway has been sentenced to 4 months in prison!

The 40 year old hit Jeff Mwangi Kwirika in February 2013 and left him for dead. He presented himself this week to the police and admitted to having killed Stella Mwangi’s father.

The man had been driving for 16 seconds without paying attention.

The local court in Ovre Romerike ruled that he will never drive a car again in his lifetime. The court further ordered that he pays NOK 125.000 to each of the victim’s eight closest family members.

His lawyers however said that the sentence was too harsh and are considering an appeal.


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