16 Year Old Nigerian-Canadan Girl Produces Track For Jay-Z’s Latest Album

Ebony Oshunrinde aka Wondagurl was surprised when she was a alerted by her friend that a beat she had made and passed on to him was rhymed upon by superstar rapper Jay Z and featured on his latest studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Going Places: Ebony Oshurinde (WondaGurl)

Going Places: Ebony Oshurinde (WondaGurl)

The 16 year budding producer, who is of Nigerian origins and lives in Canada, is reported by the Star to have passed on one of her production works to friend and rapper Trevor Scott who at the time was in the studio working with Jay Z. Jay Z is said to have liked it and made a track which he named “Crown”, over it. The beat features a sample by Reggae chanter Sizzla Kalonji, from his classic battle-cry song “Solid As a Rock”.

The Star also reports that; Ebony started making her own beats after watching a video showing Jay-Z and mega producer Timbaland working in the studio together.

“It inspired me and I wanted to do the exact same thing that he did,” she said.

So, at age 9, she downloaded music software and taught herself how to use it from watching YouTube videos, amazed by the idea of creating something from scratch.

Ian Stranger representative of Black Box, the company that manages Ebony, was quoted as saying  that “It’s amazing to see somebody with that much talent working as hard as she can to make the most of it at such a young age,” and that. “It’s her work that people should be paying attention to, not the fact that’s she 16.”

Apparently, the name Wondagurl is a flip of Boi-1da (Boi Wonda), Ebony;s favourite Canadian producer.  Boi-1da has produced tracks for the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and a host of YMCMB artists including Drake.

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