Ghana Represents at Glastonbury 2013 with FOKN BOIS and Sister Deborah

Mali undoubtedly brought a strong taste of Africa to Glastonbury, with powerful and prominent appearances by Fatoumata Diawara and Rokia Traore (alongside Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones) among others, but Ghana was also there representing. Now that the dust has settled our contact who was at Glasto and can be identified as A.H., has the following account to give.

Singing For Bananas: Sister Deborah

Singing For Bananas: Sister Deborah

A.H.: Saturday night at Glastonbury Festival 2013. Green Futures. It’s just gone 2AM and the atmosphere is calm and mellow in Toad Hall, people are laid down, relaxing. I have to stop myself from yawning. I can’t help but feel like not many of the people around me are aware of what is to come, given the charisma of both FOKN BOIS and Sister Deborah.

Wearing traditional clothes, M3NSA and Wanlov (the 2 halves of FOKN BOIS) present quite a change from the eccentric guitarist that  has just played before them. But I suppose that’s the beauty of Glastonbury. They go on to perform the likes of ‘FOKN future’, ‘Sextra Terrestrial Sex’ and ‘Want to be white’. The crowd are surprised to begin with and then they go wild. The duo have so much energy and personality, it is almost impossible not to be taken in by them.

Mid-set, they introduce a very special guest, Sister Deborah, who graces the stage in a lovely red two-piece (her own work I believe), accompanied by Project G Dance. She only plays two numbers: one of her latest songs ‘Little Light’ and of course, the hilarious anthem, ‘Uncle Obama’- a song whose cheeky lyrics are sure to make anyone giggle. The reception she receives is fantastic, with exclaims of “Who is this chick?”, “She’s f***ing brilliant”, emerging from the crowd. Everyone dances along as she entertains the crowd with her Bananazonto.

In hindsight, it is safe to say that, Sister Deborah ‘brought Azonto to Glastonbury with success and FOKN BOIS, although controversial, they were great entertainers. I don’t think I saw anyone that didn’t walk away from that tent without a smile on their face.

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