AUDIO ALERT: Kazz – Sweet Gal

If you haven’t already done so, you might need to check out this sweet summer tune by Zimbabwean/UK singer Kazz. Released a couple of days ago, the song is one of those song you can listen to during any season but sounds even better in summer. With an Reggae infused southern Afrobeat vibe, it will definitely get a lot of bodies moving. Lovers will certainly vibe to this song all time all day. It is certainly one of Kazz’s best works.

Kazz is one half of the brotherly duo, BKay N Kazz. They represent Zimbabwe to the fullest and have a number of hot tunes across their belts. They have also won one of the major UK musical contests in the past. As pronounced in the song’s intro, the brothers represent Boomslang camp.

Ouuuh yeah….na na ny ny! Check the song out on link below.

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