VIDEO ALERT: PilAto ft Sam Kuli – Twakonka Ukuwina

Controversial Zambian artist PilAto (@pilatoyaku) has released yet another insane video. The video is for the song Twakonka Ukuwina which features Sam Kuli. What occurs in the video is between predictable and outright insanity. The song, which is called Twakonka Ukuwina, is a fusion of Southern and Central African of Afrobeats and that makes both bouncy and catchy. Instead of the usual dance troupe fronted videos, PilAto chose to make his video crazy. Featuring an insane but loaded PilAto. See the video below.

PilAto’s controversial ways have previously landed him in trouble and this includes him once getting arrested. As reported, PilAto was arrested for ‘dissing’ the Zambian ruling PF (Patriotic Front) regime in the song Bufi (lies), featuring fellow Zambian artist Petersen. In the song Petersen and PilAto sing about broken promises such as availability of cheap fuel, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people. Singing in Bemba, Petersen says all were lies (told during political campaigning) as people are still sleeping in dirt.

29 year old PilAto’s government name is Chama Fimba. He has won some major Zambian awards such as the best poetry Ngoma Award in 2010, for his Poetry book, “Impressions.”

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