Iyanya Speaks for the First Time after UK Girl Strip Drama

When Nigerian star/Kukere master Iyanya came to UK for his 2013 tour just over a month ago, an excited female fan at the Manchester show decided to go onstage and show off her nickers, while rubbing herself in the private area. The girl had been picked among a number of girls who had been called onto the stage to showcase their dancing abilities. She decided to go out of her way and show off what was under her short dress, with a provocative dance (She can probably be excused because she seemed absolutely intoxicated). A dumbfounded Iyanya walked away and observed from the side until the girl moved off centre stage.

Iyanya has however managed to say a few comments to Hip TV about the scene. He said, “I was surprised man. If you watch the clip, I ran off….” He also defended the girl by saying”..people go crazy when they are having a good time, sometimes. It’s not their fault…” and more, see the interview below.

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