VIDEO ALERT: Itz Tiffany – Neke Neke

Probably in a bid to prove to the world that African dance culture is not a one hit wonder, Itz Tiffany, famously known for her contribution to global hit (Fuse ODG’s) Azonto single, has come out with a new dance craze song and video, Neke Neke. The song is based on a club scene type beat and the dance as shown in the video, is well fitting for the song and of course like Azonto it is electric.

The lyrics “Stump your feet move your body, to the left to the right”, are probably going to stay in the heads of listeners for another reasonably long moment, and the dance is probably going to lift up Urban Afrobeats twice as high as the Azonto phenomenon took the genre. NekeNeke which mean Like this like that, forces the dance to force his or her feet to contest against each other, in comparisson to Azonto which mainly numbs one foot and makes the other do the talking. Which one is harder, we can’t say at the moment. All we can say is enjoy the latest craze and video. Ghana youth are on a roll, thanks to Itz Tiffany and to Killabeatz’s contribution on the production.

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