Fatoumata Diawara Talks To CNN About Fight For Peace in Mali and More

Malian/French singer Fatoumata Diawara spoke to the host of African Voices on CNN about being born to Malian parents in Ivory Coast and being immersed with Malian culture from birth. She spoke about moving to live with her actress aunt in Mali at age 9 and ending up an actress herself. Fatou described how she earned the name her as Sia (a role she played in her first major and breakout film), an attractive subsequent work offers and the major hurdle she ended up facing (following the offer); intended forced arranged marriage hindering her about to flourish career at the time.
The singer elaborated on how all family members were imposing arranged marriage on her, and how she was finding it difficult to get out of the situation, while foreign helpers were offering her a life out of the forced nuptials and a choice she never thought existed. (She was 19 and had to be married by 20, most of her friends and relatives had been married between 16 and 18). Diawara then explained how she narrowly escaped to France under the nose of her suspicious aunt.

Among other things Fatoumata went further to talk about issues she feels strongly about, such as female (genital) mutilation, education, her love for Mali and peace etc.

Watch the whole interview below…

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