Bob Marley’s Widow, Rita Now a Citizen of Ghana

According to, Rita Marley (Bob Marley’s widow) has acquired Ghanaian citizenship. Rita Marley is already a Jamaican citizen, but has had a home in Ghana for years, so the new development now makes her a dual citizen. However, have linked her acquisition of Ghanaian citizenship to her association with the Pan-African Festival (PANAFEST) Foundation.

African Sister: Rita Marley (middle; in green outfit) [Credit:]

African Sister: Rita Marley (standing, 4th from left, in green outfit) [Credit:] also reported that the granting of dual citizenship/Ghanaian citezenship to diaporans is a rare occurence and marked Rita Marley’s event as unique. They said that Rita is now guaranteed to stay in Ghana legally after being granted a “Ghanaian passport and dual citizenship documents.”

Rita like many Rastafarians believe that Africa is they home and is the sacred land. A number of notable Jamaicans have in the past have resettled in Africa, including prominent reggae/dancehall singer Sizzla Kalonji who was reportedly issued a farm by Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government a few years ago. Other Rastafarians continue to advocate for a politically sponsored full on repatriation to Africa towards Western powers whose ancestral predecessors were responsible for slave transportation and trade, centuries ago. Bob Marley, who was born to a white British soldier and and a Jamaican mother also regarded himself as African.

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