Ngoma Africa Band Takes Over European Fans By Storm Again!

One of the most sought after and successful bands Ngoma Africa (Golden Voice of East Africa) also commonly known as FFU(Field Force Unit)or “Anunnaki Alien” and based in Germany, they have been nominated and awarded “Best African band” 2013 after thrilling over 100,000 fans at International African festival Tubingen 2013,in Germany.

The Ngoma Africa band, originally from Tanzanian, is growing more wildly by taking fans globally by strom. Founded in 1993 by Tanzanian born Afro-pop star Ebrahim Makunja also known as FFU and Kamanda Ras Ebby Makunja “The King of Anunnaki Alien”, Ngoma Africa Band is famous for staging thrilling shows at festivals in different parts of Europe. The band’s joyful female dancers, wearing traditional costumes and dancing vigorously to their tunes, always leave fans asking for more.

Ngoma Africa Band have a number of talented musician including multi-talented soloist Christian Bakotessa aka Chris-B,others are Matondo Benda aka Professor Mo Benda, Flora Williams, Aj Nbongo, Jonathan Sousa aka “Jo Jo” (Crazy Drummer),Glory,Jessica Ouyah. The band is touring with up to eight musicians including dancers. Most of their songs are in kiswahili and other Eastern African languages.

For further information about Ngoma Africa Band and to listen to their music, please visit


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  • cleo

    aaah really nice we need more like them

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