Davido’s Skelewu Competition Goes Viral, Insane and OTT

Street Skelewu

Street Skelewu (Credit: 360noobs.com)

Just over a week ago, Nigerian singer Davido invited fans the world over to take part in fan-made video competition for his Skelewu single.  The dance themed song is catchy and yes very dance-able-to (is that a word?). With a price of $3000 on offer, fans worldwide have gone berserk on social media and video sites just so they can grab the prize. The Skelewu dance has yes, gone viral, insane and over the top. One man went on to strip naked in the streets, probably so he could show off his dance moves using all of his 3 legs. Another intriguing one is a video-mash-up featuring prominent Nigerian politicians and videos taken from their social events cleverly put in a Skelewu video.

One of our favourites is this one, by our friend Courtney ‘Oyinbo Girl’ Adeniyi. She is one of Davido’s biggest fans and had this to show him, her fluency in Yoruba and love of song and dance.

The naked man went in, but we can only show a snapshot.

Skelewu Master?: Naked Man Dancin to Skelewu

Skelewu Master?: Naked Man Dancin to Skelewu (Credit oodera.com)

These are the superstars of it all…In the house, streets and toilets.

The government couldn’t get left out of a very important dance move. See the presidential Skelewu below;


Davido will be touring the UK before the official end of summer. The kick off date of the tour is September 15, and the show will be at the Indig02 peninsula.


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